Aye Carumba! The Simpsons make their way to DVD this fall!

Following the success of the “X-Files” box sets from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, talk and rumors starting circulating concerning Fox’s other hit shows. Now finally, the studio has announced details on one of television’s longest running and most successful series, The Simpsons. Like the “X-Files” sets, “The Simpsons” are set to be released one season at a time. The first season, scheduled for a September release, will contain all thirteen episodes from the first season in a three disc boxed set.

No one should be disappointed by the special features announced for the set which includes some very pleasant surprises. In addition to the episodes, the set will include the original “Simpsons” shorts that debuted on “The Tracey Ullman Show” and a never-before-seen lost episode. A commentary will be provided for each episode in addition to original scripts. Seven foreign language clips will be provided as well as Albert Brooks outtakes, a BBC special; “America’s First Family”, an ABC News Special Report on the Bart Simpson T-shirt controversy, early sketches, magazine covers and stills.

The creative forces at Fox are already planning features for future box sets and are hoping to include, among other things, retrospective specials focusing on each character. Studio reps made a point to mention that one feature not planned to be included is footage of the actors recording dialog – effectively “Bursting the Bubble”.

Since Season One will only contain three discs, it will be cheaper than previous “X-Files” and future “Simpsons” sets with a price of $39.98. The set is scheduled to be available on September 25th, and if all goes well, Fox hopes to have Season Two available for the holidays.

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