Anchor Bay is scheduling the release of its first DTS titles

We have just received some exciting new information from Anchor Bay Entertainment that we want to share with you. The independent studio that is spending tens of thousands of dollars to remix audio tracks to 5.1 channel presentations is now going one step further. Starting this summer, Anchor Bay will release DVDs that contain DTS audio tracks alongside the Dolby Digital counterparts. Since Anchor Bay is doing complete remixes on these films, they decided to actually utilize the 6.1 channel DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX configurations for these releases to ensure the absolutely best possible presentation quality.

The first film to feature these enhanced audio tracks will be this summer’s release of Bill Lustig’s horror-thriller Maniac, which will also feature a completely remastered THX transfer. The fall release of The Beastmaster will also come as a THX-certified version with DTS ES and Dolby Digital audio tracks. The Dario Argento films Suspiria and Opera will also come in this configuration, as will The Stuntman, Highlander, Vigilante and “Lord Of The Rings” director Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste.

The ultimate highlight in the line-up however is that Anchor Bay is also dedicated to bring the original Evil Dead to new glory by presenting the film in DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX with a new THX-certified transfer. The release will come in two separate versions, as a regular DVD and as a limited Collector’s Edition with a packaging that is looking like ”The Book Of The Dead.”

Although not decided upon yet, Anchor Bay is also looking into turning The Jazz Singer and Can’t Stop The Music into DTS releases.

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