Verbatim prepares DVD-RW media for launch

Just when the exotic nature of DVD-R is beginning to cool, Verbatim is set to release DVD-RW media this fall.
The new media, which is complaint with the current DVD specifications, will initially have a maximum capacity of 4.7GB (the equivalent of a single sided – single layer disc or about two hours worth of video). According to Verbatim, the new disc will be able to withstand multiple recording sessions without any degredation of quality thanks to a “Super-Eutectic phase-change recording layer technology”, a fancy name for a new recording layer.

Although movies are the immediate thought of most consumers, Verbatim claims the target audience for the new media will be business clients who can use the format to record multimedia-heavy reports easily and repeatedly.

While the new format will make data storage and computer based multimedia much more convenient, the question remains how compatible the format will be with standard DVD players. Only time will tell. The new DVD-RW discs will carry an initial price of $30.00 per disc.

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