Two more volumes of Star Trek are on their way

Paramount Home Video has announce plans to release Star Trek: The Original Series Vol. 29 & 30 launching the third and final season of the series.

Vol. 29 will contain the episodes “Elaan of Troyius, ” in which Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise are assigned to deliver Elaan, the beautiful Dohlman of Elas, to her rival planet Troyius. But her unruly behavior threatens to cost Kirk his ship. and “The Paradise Syndrome,” in which The Enterprise’s mission is to deflect an asteroid from colliding with a planet. But shortly after Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to survey the planet, Kirk vanishes.

Vol. 30 begins with “The Enterprise Incident,” where Kirk appears to be suffering from a nervous breakdown and orders the U.S.S. Enterprise into forbidden Romulan territory. Suddenly the Enterprise is surrounded by three Romulan ships demanding Kirk’s surrender. Then in “And The Children Shall Lead,” on Triacus, Kirk and his crew learn that all the adults of an expedition have committed suicide, yet their children are completely unmoved by their parents“ deaths. Kirk senses “something evil,” but cannot identify the source.

Like previous “Star Trek” releases, the discs will be released with digitally mastered video in the programs original fullscreen ratio, and contain newly mixed Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks. Both discs will feature trailers for the episodes contained on the disc as well as bonus trailers for the next two episodes.

With the release of Vol. 29 & 30, Paramount has only ten volumes of the series left to produce. Hopefully the completion of the series, along with this Christmas” release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will lead to the eventual release of the other “Star Trek” series. Until then, both discs will be available on August 14th for $19.99

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