Three new announcements from ADV Films

ADV Films has announced plans to release three more films; ShadowRaiders: Final Conflict, Neon Genesis Evangelion – Collection 0:8, and Arc the Lad: Wanted on DVD this summer.

“ShadowRaiders: Final Conflict” is the sixth and final volume of the ShadowRaiders series. The story unfolds on a scouting mission when Cryos and Graveheart crash land on a dangerous prison planet. Searching for them, Jade and Femur suffer the same fate. Separated and feared dead, each team inadvertently joins opposing sides of two prison factions-one led by the reptilian Sternum, the other by the powermad Jewelia. Meanwhile, without their comrades, Pyrus and Tekla have no choice but to succumb to Lord Mantle’s attempt to seize control of the Alliance-and that’s just the opportunity Blokk needs to crush the struggling revolutionaries.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion – Collection 0:8” also marks the final installment of the series and begins in the deadly calm of the aftermath. The sudden and unexpected arrival of the Fifth Child hits like a hurricane, leaving Shinji at the eye of a whirlwind of activity as he finds a kindred soul in the unearthly Nagisa Kaoru… but does Kaoru really have a soul at all? Where Angels fear to tread, Shinji must go alone. At last, the circle of life will be completed. He is The Beast That Shouted I at the Heart of the World. It is Final Genesis.

Seeking a way off the island where they’ve been marooned, Elk and Lieza encounter a frightening relic of a lost civilization in “Arc the Lad: Wanted”. That’s only the beginning of their problems, however, for they soon discover that a bounty has been placed on Elk’s head! Now the tables are turned as the Hunter becomes the hunted and the two must flee for their lives. There’s danger around every turn in the third thrilling volume of Arc The Lad.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” will be available on June 26h for $29.98. July 24th will see the release of “ShadowRaiders” for $24.98 and “Arc the Lad” for $29.98.

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