The Fog delayed – but for good reason!

Eagerly awaited, MGM Home Entertainment had plans to release John Carpenter’s atmospheric masterpiece The Fog this fall as part of their Halloween line-up. With most of the announcements for this line-up in, this title was conspicuously absent from their release schedules, although a VHS release of the film was evident.

After a brief conversation with a representative from MGM Home Entertainment it turns out that the studio has pulled “The Fog” from the release schedules for this year and has arranged to release it in 2002. While that is bad news for fans of Carpenter’s most visual film, the good news is that MGM Home Entertainment has finally decided to make the release a full-blown Special Edition with a good number of extras. No exact details are known yet, but work on the release is under way and expect to see a brand new interview with the cast members, including Janet Leigh!

In other news, fans of Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride will also be pleased to hear that this fantasy fairy tale is finally making its Special Edition debut on September 5!

As always we will keep you posted with all new developments and information on these projects as the information becomes available.

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