Sony expands line of DVD players featuring SACD playback

Sony Electronics announced plans to bring multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) playback, along with progressive output, to a new, more attractively-priced DVD-Video player.

The new model, DVP-NS900V, will be introduced this fall for about $1,000 and leads an expanded lineup of Sony DVD players offering enhanced functionality. The DVP-NS900V will be joined by two other new DVD players, the DVP-NS500V and DVP-NC650V, which not only provide high-quality DVD-Video playback, but also the superb audio attributes of the SACD format. The DVP-NS500V and the DVP-NC650V, are priced at about $300 and $400, respectively. “Judging by the critical acclaim that our first DVD model with SACD (the DVP-S9000ES) received, home theatre enthusiasts are sure to welcome the NS900V to our lineup,” said Tim Baxter, Senior Vice President of Sony’s Home Entertainment Products Division. “The NS500V and NC650V offer even more choices to address the needs of home theatre enthusiasts and consumers. These new product introductions clearly reflect our commitment to expanding SACD to a broader audience.”

Following the successful introduction of the DVP-S9000ES player last November, the first reference standard DVD player in the U.S. with SACD capability, Sony decided to incorporate this feature in the new line. SACD represents the ultimate in sound quality with proprietary technologies that minimize distortion for a heightened music experience. The units are all equipped with multichannel audio outputs for compatibility with multichannel sources. They also incorporate flexible speaker management capability to fit various types of home theatre environments.

All three units in the new line also incorporate CD-R/RW playback, which is for music enthusiasts who enjoy creating and listening to their own personally recorded music mixes and ideal for consumers looking to replace their current CD systems. And, in addition to multichannel SACD playback capability, the new line features Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround 5.1-channel decoding which ensures 5.1 connection with receivers.

Sony’s new DVP-NS900V model features 480p (progressive) output with full 3:2 reverse pull-down conversion powered by a new film detection system for well-balanced, progressive conversion both for film and video material. The progressive player also features a high performance progressive scan digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which provides the truest DVD playback quality with the sharpest possible picture.

The NS900V comes equipped with Sony’s Digital Video Enhancer, providing sharper edge detail on video images by minimizing imperfections, such as “overshooting” and “ringing.” The benefits are even more spectacular when the product is paired with a high performance television, such as one of Sony’s new FD Trinitron Wega XBR or rear projection Hi-Scan TV sets.

Other features include Precision Drive System 2 with Dynamic Tilt Compensation to ensure better, faster and more accurate playback of flawed and imperfect DVDs, along with Block Noise Reduction for maximizing picture quality of MPEG-2 images by eliminating unwanted artifacts in scenes where gradated images and the movement of objects between two fields are present.

Another advantage of the NS900V is its construction. To meet the quality demands of audiophiles, it incorporates rigid construction and audio quality parts, including an R-core transformer. It also has “video off” for a pure audio playback. The NS900V also includes an LCD remote control for more advanced and convenient operation.

The DVP-NS500V is the line’s single disc model. With its multiple performance, this model is very suitable as a center piece of a home theatre.

The DVP-NC650V has the same feature set as the DVP-NS500V with the addition of a five-disc carousel. Like the NS900V, both models are equipped with advanced DVD technologies, such as Precision Drive 2, Block Noise Reduction, TV virtual surround and Digital Video Enhancer.

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