Seven new educational titles are on their way from Artisan

Artisan Family Home Entertainment is set to release a series of popular Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and IMAX specials for the first time on DVD.

Amazing Earth (100 min. $14.98): Patrick Stewart narrates this eye-popping global spectacle that probes oceans and scales mountains to explain our planet’s catastrophic past and violent present.

Sharks: Great White and Ultimate Guide: Sharks (60 min. $19.98): This double feature will contain both shark specials from last year. “Great White” was filmed on location in four oceans around the world. This show takes you into the private domain of the Great White – with footage never before released on DVD. “Ultimate Guide: Sharks” brings the viewer face to face with the world’s most dangerous predators to uncover their mysterious killing cycles.

Dolphins: The Ultimate Guide (52 min. $14.98): Viewers will experience the beauty and wonder of dolphins and their underwater realm, learn about their complex social skills, and discover the incredibly diverse membership of this far-flung family -including the mysterious freshwater dolphins of China, India and South America.
Wolves at Our Door (50 min. $14.98): A sequel to the Emmy Award-winning film Wolf: Return of a Legend, Wolves at Our Door is the heartwarming true tale of a pack of gray wolves and the humans who raised them from puppies.

Understanding the Universe (50 min. $14.98): Narrated by Candice Bergen, this enriching and entertaining video employs graphic models and spectacular computer animation to illustrate some of the most complex theories of all time.

Great Planes: 747 and 777 (100 min. $19.98): Contains two seperate specials on the fascinating aircrafts. “747” examines this aviation marvel and the revolution it created in passenger air transport. “777” Recounts the events and people behind this powerhouse airplane, including how engineers went from complete digital preassembly directly to a successful production model-an incredible aviation achievement.

Africa’s Elephant Kingdom (40 min. $19.98): The popular IMAX film “Africa’s Elephant Kingdom” is one of the most intimate glimpses into elephant behavior ever recorded. This real life adventure chronicles the story of one elephant clan’s struggle for survival as they journey across vast stretches of land in search of dwindling sources of food and water. Available in Dolby Digital 5.1, the disc will also contain the 60 minute “Making of Africa’s Elephant Kingdom” documentary, a trailer, and a weblink to

With the exception of “Africa’s Elephant Kingdom”, all of the specials will come in their original fullscreen ratio, and will all be available sometime later this summer.

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