Mitsubishi introduces HDTV VCR

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America introduced its High-Definition TV-grade Digital VHS today at its National Product Line Show in Long Beach.

This D-VHS VCR records digital television and other digital sources, including high-definition signals, through its IEEE 1394 digital interface. It also includes S-VHS analog VCR functionality, as well as HAVi (Home Audio Video interoperability) technology, that allows for sophisticated control via IEEE 1394 networks and 5C copy protection.

According to Mitsubishi, although many digital recording solutions have been offered to consumers, this is the first consumer component that presents a full 28.2 megabits-per-second plus recording capability, which enables the recording of HDTV broadcasts from a digital connection. And unlike hard disk-based products, the new player can record from the DTV MPEG2 format IEEE 1394 network source and keep that recording on a tape for archival and later viewing.

The new player, which can record over two hours of tape, will be the only HDTV capable recording device as current DVD Recorders only record NTSC signals, but now that the ability to record HD is available, it may show up on a disc format as DVD Recorders become more available in the U.S.

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