Microsoft integrates DVD playback into its newest Operating System

Microsoft Corporation’s upcoming Operating System Windows XP will include DVD playback as an integrated feature of the Operating System.

Rather than rely on third-party software, DVDs in Windows XP can be run through a special version of “Media Player” which can only run in XP. This feature will work will all MPEG decoder cards and will eliminate the need for extraneous software and potential hardware/software compatibility issues.

The inclusion is not welcome by all however. The controversial software bundling, along with an updated version of “Internet Explorer”, firewall software, Remote Access software, and MSN’s Instant Messenger are drawing fire from software companies who claim Microsoft is giving itself an unfair advantage. This is the same issue (with earlier versions of Windows) that led to the U.S. Government monopoly trials a couple of years back.

Whatever issues need to be worked about between the software companies, an integrated DVD player in Microsoft Windows will provide a new option for many.

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