LifeClips brings DVD technology to home-video

Of all the movies we’ve reported coming to DVD, none may be as interesting to some as the newest announcement from the LifeClips company – your own home movies.

Im the same vane as having photographs developed on CD-ROM, LifeClips copies home videos from VHS, BetaMax, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, S-VHS, VHS-C, and miniDV tape formats onto high-quality, long-lasting DVDs. Although home movies are rarely up to DVD’s digital video quality, the format helps preserve those family memories since Videotape is such a degradable format.

According to Brian Poggi, the president of LifeClips, “Many people don’t realize that a tape of their baby’s first steps may be unrecognizable by the time that child graduates from college. Videotape quality and shelf life deteriorates greatly in as few as 15 years.”

Although the process recently launched as an internet business, LifeClips has already made a deal with Eckerd drug stores in the Tampa Bay Florida area allowing customers to drop off their home movies at the LifeClips display as easily as they would a roll of film. The process takes two weeks, but allows consumers to preserve their memories without the concern of deterioration.

Surprisingly, the process is much less expensive than conversion processes of the past, such as converting 8mm to video. The cost of converting a standard two hour tape to disc is $29.99, although the in-store branches are giving in-store customers a special deal by offering customers their first conversion for free.

Although available nationally online, hopefully this in-store service will soon become available outside of the Tampa Bay area. That way we can ensure that our great-grandchildren will see just exactly how stupid we all looked in the seventies.

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