Kenwood and Boston Acoustics All in One DVD Home Theater System

Boston Acoustics, Inc. , the well-known maker of home audio loudspeakers, and Kenwood USA Corporation, America’s largest audio specialty company, announced they have co-developed an all-in-one DVD home theater system that will be in stores in September 2001.

Called Unity, the new ensemble consists of a high-performance integrated receiver/DVD player manufactured by Kenwood and six-matched surround sound loudspeakers, including a powered subwoofer, manufactured by Boston Acoustics. The receiver has built-in Dolby Digital, DTS and new Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, a five-channel amplifier and equalization circuitry designed specifically for the Boston Acoustics speakers, including Boston’s exclusive BassTrac subwoofer circuitry. The integrated DVD plays MP3 files as well as DVD-Video/Audio and CD format recordings.

The speaker package is designed to complement the majority of today’s televisions. The front and rear satellites and center channel speaker have a unique shape that is both compact and attractive. The use of a subwoofer/satellite arrangement provides the greatest placement flexibility. Unity also has a full array of inputs for other audio and video applications. The receiver can be connected directly to your TV or through a VCR and accommodates a satellite or cable signal. Component, S-video and composite connections are provided.

The front panel has several easily accessible connections including digital connections, which accommodate extra units such as a game station or portable mini-disc player. The receiver offers AM/FM stereo tuning, station presets, a full-function universal remote control, and internal switching that automatically selects the analog or digital connections depending on the signal received.

The Unity system will be available in September at authorized Kenwood and Boston Acoustics dealers at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,000. Considering the features of the receiver, that’s a pretty reasonable price.

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