Johnny Five is still alive in Short Circuit 2

Often overlooked as a throwaway eighties film, Columbia TriStar Home Video will present one of the few sequels to surpass the original when Short Circuit 2 makes its digital debut this summer.

After learning all he can in the Oregon forests, Johnny Five – a charming robot accidentally brought to life – is sent to the big city to help his inventor Ben jumpstart his electronics business and to absorb as much input as he can. When the two team up with a would be toymaker named Fred, things seem to be going well, until Johnny gets lost in the city. Unshielded from the realities of the city for the first time, Johnny is exposed to the darker side of human nature, meeting fear and prejudice from those he meets. As he faces his own Frankenstein complex, the over-trusting Johnny is taken advantage of by thieves and opportunists. But just as Johnny Five feels the lowest dispair, a single act of kindness from Fred convinces Johhny that compassion and dedication can overcome the evils in the world.

The new DVD will be of the normal high quality expected from Columbia TriStar. Presented both in fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen “Short Circuit 2” comes with its original Dolby Digital 2.0 sountrack. While not loaded with features, the disc will come with bonus trailers and will feature a brief making-of featurette profiling the acting career of star Fisher Stevens.

Bearing a retail price of $19.95, “Short Circuit 2” will be available on August 7th.

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