John Carpenter gets a salute from Columbia TriStar

John Carpenter and Columbia TriStar have shared a long history of films which have made their way to DVD. Now Columbia has decided to salute his work with a new three pack of some of his best work with the studio.

The three films in the collection are the romantic sci-fi film Starman, the Steven King thriller Christine and the 1998, gritty thriller John Carpenter’s Vampires.

Like previous Columbia three packs, the DVDs are simply repackaging of their earlier DVD releases, so no new special features will be added which were unavailable in the original discs. Nonetheless, the new box set will make a simple solution for Carpenter fans who haven’t picked up the original releases, and save money in the process. The new box set will be available on August 7th, with a suggested retail price of $41.95

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