Facets Video announces Out of the Present

One of the most fascinating aspects of the end of the Cold War was the story of Sergei Krikalev. Now Facets Video tells his tale in Out of the Present, which presents the collapse of the Soviet Union from the perspective of a Cosmonaut stranded in space.

In May of 1991, flight engineer Sergei Krikalev blasted off from the Soviet Union. He boarded one of the Soviet Union’s crowning achievements, the Mir Space Station, but was unable to return from it as scheduled because the Soviet Union itself suddenly began breaking apart below on Earth. When Krikalev ultimately did return, the Soviet Union was no more. The film startlingly juxtaposes beautiful images from space, some shot with a video camera and some with a 35mm film camera, with protesting crowds and rolling tanks below.

Although the disc will be featureless, it remains an interesting look into a little-known piece of history and it will receive its DVD release on May 22. It will retail for $29.95.

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