DTS unveils new compression scheme

DTS has announced an extension of its audio compression scheme that will be implemented on DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs in the near future. The new scheme will allow for encoding of audio information at a rate of 96 kHz/24 bits on 5.1 channel soundtracks. Previously this compression rate has only been available from DTS on 2.0 recordings.

According to a press release from this weekend, “Now DTS exclusively can deliver 5.1 channels in 96/24 along with full-motion video, for feature film soundtracks and music programs on DVD-Video. This exclusive technology can also be used on DVD-Audio discs where a DTS 96/24 track can be placed in the video zone, so that people without DVD-Audio players can enjoy multichannel 96/24 quality using their DVD-Video players.”

While this news is certain to add renewed fuel to the endless debates surrounding the Dolby/DTS/PCM etc. formats, this new encoding will have the highest encoding rate for 5.1 soundtracks to date, narrowing the gap between DVD-Audio and DVD Video

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