Disney invites viewers to take a Double Take

In a fast turnaround since its theatrical release in January, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced the release of the comedy Double Take this summer.

Daryl Chase (Orlando Jones) is a successful investment banker in Manhattan who lives with his beautiful model girlfriend. His life suddenly takes a fast turn when he is accused of a murder and is left with no choice but to go on the run. Hoping to make a quick getaway to the Mexican border, he switches identities with a fast-talking street hustler (Eddie Griffin). When he discovers that his new alias is in even worse trouble than his real identity was, things get out of control and he doesn’t know whom to trust! With the NYPD, FBI and the Mexican Drug Cartel on their tail, Daryl and his new partner-in-crime have to figure a way off of the Most Wanted List!

The new DVD will contain a widescreen transfer and a DTS Surround Sound audio track, along with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital track. Special Features include deleted scenes, a director’s diary, an audio commentary, and several production featurettes. The DVD will be available on July 17th.

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