Creative Design gives the royal treatment to more Kubrick classics

In addition to the upcoming Deluxe box of the 1968 science fiction epic “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Creative Design has announced details for two more Kubrick films to be released later this year as part of the Classic Collection box series.

A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket are among Kubrick’s most psychologically compelling and disturbing films. Both dealing with internal mental issues, “Clockwork Orange” follows the surreal and psychotic Alex in his ultra-violent world as he is conditioned and brainwashed in an attempt to bring him into normal society, while “Full Metal Jacket” explores the similar theme of dehumanization on a Platoon of Vietnam soldiers who block the world out as their only means of sanity.

The box set for “A Clockwork Orange” will contain the upcoming remastered version of the DVD which will include a new digitally mastered widescreen transfer, aDolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack and the original theatrical trailer. Additional goodies included in the box set include a remastered CD soundtrack from Film, a collectible senitype image and 35mm limited edition film frame, and a commemorative 16 full-color page booklet featuring stories behind the film, the music, and over 20 photos.

Full Metal Jacket will receive virtually the same treatment from Creative design and will include a CD soundtrack, 35mm film frame and senitype, and a 16 page booklet. Unfortunatly, the DVD will be the same one included in the Kubrick Collection and will only be presented in fullscreen.
Both arriving on September 11th, the new Collectors Boxes will carry the hefty retail price of $59.98 making them definite items aimed at the serious Kubrick collector.

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