Citizen Kane at Last

If you’re like me, no matter how many DVDs you have, there’s a space on your shelf waiting for Citizen Kane to fill it. That wait may be coming to an end however as Warner Brothers Home Video prepares a special edition of the film this fall.

Condemned in its own day as too controversial, “Citizen Kane” has become the standard by which all other cinema is based. Ranked by the American Film Institute and countless critics and film historians as the greatest American film of all time, “Kane” retrospectively examined the life of one Charles Foster Kane, a powerful and influential man with more than a few similarities to real magnates of the time including media mogul William Randolph Hearst. But despite the power of Kane, his life, and ultimate death, were a mystery was reflected differently to all who knew him.

According to the LA Times, the upcoming DVD will contain a new print from a recently discovered fine-grain master positive fount in Brussels. Since the original negative for the film was tragically destroyed in 1970, this print is the highest quality master known to exist. Although no information is available as to exactly how recently this print was discovered, or exactly how much restoration is needed, it promises to be a welcome change from many existing substandard Laserdisc and VHS transfers.

A pioneering film, both in storytelling and in cinematography, “Citizen Kane” has been a hotly discussed candidate for DVD since the formats inception. As soon as more confirmation and details become available on this DVD, they will be posted here.

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