AFI announces plans for 100 Thrills

After the American Film Institute’s successes with “100 Years – 100 Movies” and the subsequent specials focusing on “100 Stars” and “100 Laughs”, the organization will be presenting its forth special next month, “100 Years – 100 Thrills”.

The special will be hosted by Harrison Ford, who stars in more of the nominated films than any other actor. The 100 most heart-pounding films will be unveiled by some the biggest names in Hollywood’s past and present, including Anne Archer, Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine, Sandra Bullock, John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, William Friedkin, Jerry Goldsmith, Tippi Hedren, Charlton Heston, Patricia Hitchcock, Kim Hunter, Denis Leary, Janet Leigh, Lucy Liu, Sidney Lumet, Eva Marie Saint, Roy Scheider, Steven Seagal, Steven Spielberg, Donald Sutherland, Jean-Claude Van Damme, M. Emmet Walsh, Carl Weathers, John Williams and Stan Winston.

The top 100 films will not be revealed until the broadcast of the special, but were chosen from a list of 400 films available on the AFI’s official website. The 400 nominees were selected by film artists (directors, screenwriters, actors, editors, cinematographers, visual effects artists, stunt men and women and make-up artists) critics and historians. The jurors then selected the final hundred films based on the thrill factor and timeless nature. (All films must be feature length and of American origin).

“100 Years – 100 Thrills” will premiere on CBS on Tuesday, June 12 (8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

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