VCI Entertainment announces a suite of new DVDs

VCI Entertainment has just released the details for five new DVDs coming this June.

First up is the 1977 horror film Ruby. Coming with a new transfer from the original 35mm negatives, “Ruby” tells the story of Ruby, a sweet sixteen year old whose mother wants to send her away. The deaf-mute daughter retaliates by calling up the spirit of her murdered father. But things get out of hand as he decides to exact revenge for his own untimely demise. “Ruby” will be presented as the director’s theatrical cut, not the infamous Allen Smithee version. The DVD will be presented letterboxed at 1.85:1, and will contain a Dolby Digital soundtrack. The disc will feature a commentary by director Curtis Harrington, biographies, a behind-the-scenes photo gallery, and original theatrical trailers. The disc will retail for $19.99.

Next up is Ray Danton’s Euro-horror film Young Hannah Queen of the Vampires, aka “Crypt of the Living Dead”. The story unfolds on the conveniently named Vampire Island, an island which is home to, you guessed it, vampires. Released from her crypt after 700 years of entombment, Hannah the ravenous bloodsucker displays an undiminished zest for life… Anybody’s life. The son of the man who inadvertently released the undead terror from the tomb, finds he has a great deal to contend within this tale of terror. “Hannah” will be presented in its original 1.85:1 letterbox ratio, and will contain a Dolby Digital audio track. The disc is rather light on features, but will contain biographies, and bonus horror trailers. The disc will be available for $14.99.

Stepping away from the horror genre, VCI presents the 1941 serial Jungle Girl. Based loosely on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel of the same name, “Jungle Girl” was released by Republic in the early forties to cash in on the growing popularity of Tarzan films. The cliffhanger serial follows the adventures of Nyoka, the jungle girl, and Jack Stanton on a hunt for hidden African diamonds. Along the way, they must rise to the challenges of the wilderness and the always-scheming villains trying to stop them. With fifteen chapters to the story, “Jungle Girl” comes in at over four hours in length and will be presented as a two DVD set. The serial will be presented in Dolby Digital Mono in its original fullscreen ratio mastered from newly discovered 35mm prints. The disc will also contain biographies, a photo gallery, and a special interview. the two disc set is priced at $29.99

Colors of War – The Pacific is a new compilation of wartime documentaries from such acclaimed directors as John Ford, and John Huston. The documentaries include; “The Battle of Midway” (1942 Oscar winner for Best Documentary), “With the Marines at Tarawa” (1944 Oscar winner for Best Documentary – short subject), “Report from the Aleutians” (1943 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary – short subject), and “The Shores of Iwo Jima” (1944 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary – short subject). An additional feature will be “The Battle of Kwajalein”, an unedited reel of footage from the battle with commentary by the original cameraman. Additional features include an interview with famed photographer Joe Rosenthal, photographer of the famous raising the Iwo Jima flag raising, new commentary by WWII combat survivors, a second commentary during “The Battle of Midway” by John Ford scholar Tag Gallagher on the making of the documentary, and a WWII poster gallery. The documentaries will be presented in their original fullscreen ratios in Dolby Digital Mono. The disc will retail for $19.99.

Finally comes Combat Camera – The Pacific. A suitable companion for “Colors of War”, “Combat Camera” is a special compilation of original uncensored newsreels from Movietone News, Universal Newsreel and the U.S. Navy exactly as shown to audiences in movie theaters across the country. The disc will be presented in its original fullscreen ratio in Dolby Digital Mono. The disc will also feature a commentary from WWII combat survivors and a WWII poster gallery. No word on whether these two features will be the same as those provided on “Colors of War”. The disc is priced at $19.99.

All titles will be available from VCI Entertainment on June 26th.

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