The SciFi Channel’s original series LEXX is coming to DVD

Acorn Media proudly announces the home video release of the boldest science fiction series on television, LEXX. A highly rated SciFi Channel original program
in the same vein as Farscape, LEXX combines outrageous humor with darkly sensual styling that sets it apart from the rest of the genre. Brought to life by “stunning digital effects“” (TV Guide), this irreverent series is broadcast in 100 countries and has attracted a huge global fan base as well as national media attention — particularly for the show’s alluring female star, Xenia Seeberg. LEXX lets loose on home video with the May 29th day & date releases of S2-V1 (Series 2 Video Set 1) featuring the first four episodes from the second season and S2-V2 (Series 2 Video Set 2) featuring the next four episodes. Available as DVD singles, each title retails for $29.95 with a running time of 192 minutes.

Both formats feature scenes never seen by an American audience and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. DVD bonus features include behind-the-scenes “making of“” footage, “Rated LEXX“” segments, cast and character bios, LEXX trivia and English and French language tracks.

This innovative series follows the adventures of a crew of misfits exploring the heavens in a stolen spacecraft, the LEXX — a genetically engineered and mechanically enhanced insect the size of Manhattan. The crew includes Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey), a cowardly ex-security guard; Xev Bellringer (Xenia Seeberg), a half-human/half-lizard love slave; Kai (Michael McManus), an undead assassin; and 790 (Jeffrey Hirschfield), the head of a robotic drone.

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