The Lone Ranger Rides Again, on DVD

With a hearty “Hi-yo Silver” against the strains of the William Tell Overture, Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels thundered across television screens as the mighty Lone Ranger and his trusted companion Tonto. After much speculation and production delay, VCI Entertainment will finally be releasing the two classic Lone Ranger films, The Lone Ranger (1956) and The Lone Ranger & the Lost City of Gold (1958), for the first time on DVD.

Based on the television series, “The Lone Ranger” continues the classic tale of the masked man on the big screen. It is up to the heroes to foil an Indian war before blood is shed across the plains. Lone Ranger and Tonto will have to confront evil rancher, Reece Kilgore who is instigating the Indian war. In “The Lost City of Gold”, our heroes encounter a gang of hooded raiders, led by Douglas Kennedy and masterminded by Noreen Nash, who are murdering innocent Indians for pieces of a medallion. When the pieces of this medallion are placed together, they reveal the location of the Lost City of Gold. Only the town doctor holds the secret to the mystery of The Lost City of Gold.

Coming as rather nice special editions, both “The Lone Ranger” and “The Lost City of Gold” will be released on two discs. They will contain both the original widescreen and fullscreen versions, and will have their original Mono soundtracks. Additional features on “The Lone Ranger” include a new interviews with Michael Ansara and Clayton Moore’s daughter Dawn Moore conducted by Leonard Maltin, a photo gallery, bios, and the original theatrical trailer. “The Lone Ranger & The Lost City of Gold” will include bonus archival footage of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels induction ceremonies into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, featuring an exciting performance of the “William Tell Overture” by Glen Campbell. The disc will also contain a photo gallery, bios, and original theatrical trailers.

Decades before Captain Kirk or Indiana Jones appeared on the silver screen, The Lone Ranger and Tonto were battling injustice an thwarting evil in a way that was enjoyable and appropriate for the whole family. On April 24th, “The Lone Ranger” will return, and many may be able to enjoy his adventures for the first time.

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