Several new Music DVDs have been announced

Although musical concerts and video compilations on DVD from artists ranging from Mozart to “Weird Al” Yankovic are nothing new, a new slew of musical discs are heading our way.

Starting with Pearl Jam, their newest DVD, Touring Band 2000 will be coming out May 1st. Originally scheduled for later this month, the DVD has been pushed back to May Day. The new DVD will feature over three hours of concert footage from the band’s 2000 tour of Europe and the United States. Also included will be the previously unreleased video for the song “Oceans”. New instrumental versions of Pearl Jam’s songs “Thunderclap”, “Foldback”, and “Harmony” will also be featured.

On a different note, the Bee Gees will be releasing their new documentary This is Where I Came In on June 19th. The documentary will consist primarily with interviews from the band stretching from their early years to their most recent CD (also titled “This is Where I Came In”). The documentary will also feature home movies, archival footage, and clips from several Bee Gees performances throughout their career. The DVD itself will also contain several supplements including bonus interviews, a photo gallery, band biographies amd the video for their latest CD’s title track.

Lastly, comes an unexpected treat from Rhino Home Video. Rhino will be releasing a tribute to the late jazz trumpeter Chet Baker in Chet Baker Live at Ronnie Scott’s. Coming April 24th, the DVD features Baker in a 1986 show at the London Club. The show features guest vocalists including Elvis Costello and Van Morrison. The concert turned out to be one of Baker’s last recorded performances before his mysterious death in 1988. The disc will retail for $19.99

These three very different groups cover a lot of musical ground. Hopefully, this new surge in concert DVDs will help expand the market to meet everyone’s musical tastes.

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