New Line Home Entertainment launches new Infinifilm series

Long a leader in the area of special editions with its outstanding “Platinum Series”, New Line Home Video has just changed its name to New Line Home Entertainment and has announced the next tier of their product line with the Infinifilm> series, which debuts this summer. Infinifilm release will make even New Line’s own Platinum Edition place by comparison.

Going beyond traditional supplemental material of most discs, Infinifilm takes viewers “beyond-the-movie” by providing both the movie itself and new and unique specially crafted, range of highly coordinated, examinations of the concepts and ideas presented within the film.

In addition to the special added-value supplemental material (filmmaker audio commentary, theatrical trailers, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, DVD-ROM script-to-screen capability) and the enhanced picture and sound quality that consumers have come to expect from New Line DVDs, New Line Infinifilm gives viewers original content and productions uniquely created especially for Infinifilm that take viewers beyond-the-movie and supplemental material that can be accessed through Pop-Up navigation menus while watching the film, offering viewers more control of their movie watching experience. All of this with user-friendly instructions and navigation. These beyond-the-movie experiences feature specially crafted, in depth explorations of the title film’s subject matter and themes, presented within the context of the film.

If the viewer chooses to watch a New Line DVD with the Infinifilm option, special “Pop-Up” navigation menus frequently appear in a band at the bottom of the screen. These unobtrusive “Pop-Up” menus (similar to those found on the “Matrix or ”X-Files“ DVDs) invite viewers to explore certain aspects of the film in greater depth. The viewer can then choose whether to continue watching the film, or click-through and ”go beyond-the-movie.”

This new form of non-linear film viewing will premier with New Line’s release of the Oliver Kevin Costner film Thirteen Days.

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