Mr. Miyagi returns to DVD in The Karate Kid sequels

This July, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will debut on DVD
the second and third installments of the popular “Karate Kid”

The Karate Kid, Part II picks up shortly after the original film
and follows Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) to
Okinawa, Japan where Miyagi must visit his ailing father. The reunion
with an old love however, brings Miyagi back into contact with an old
rival. Daniel also finds new love and new enemies as he explores
Japanese culture.

In The Karate Kid, Part III, Daniel is in danger of losing it all
when he places pride before principle. Kreese (from the original Karate
Kid) returns with Terry, an ally from Vietnam. Together they challenge
Daniel and Miyagi to a final confrontation in the conclusion of the

Both DVDs will contain a new anamorphic widescreen video
transfer, unlike the original “Karate Kid” which to date, has only been
released on DVD with a fullscreen transfer. The discs will also feature
their original Dolby 2-Channel audio tracks. Unfortunately the
discs will be fairly featureless. Both will contain filmographies
and theatrical trailers for “Karate Kid” Parts I and II (but not

While there are currently no plans to release “The Next Karate Kid”, the
fourth somewhat removed film of the series, “Karate Kid, Part II” and
“Karate Kid, Part III” will both be available on DVD on July 10th for a
suggested retail price of $19.95 each.

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