Miramax to release Essex Boys

Released in England last Summer, the crime thriller Essex Boys never made it to American theaters, but now Miramax has earned the U.S. video rights and will be releasing the DVD this June.

Drugs, Seduction, Betrayal… Essex Boys is an intriguing story about the dark and dangerous streets of Essex, where crime is the way of life for many. Ex-con Jason Locke (Sean Bean) is recently released from prison and returns to Essex to regain the streets he once controlled. He is a suspicious and volatile man who doesn’t trust anyone, even his own wife (Alex Kingston). Realizing the Essex underworld continued profitably without him, Locke attempts to rebuild his reputation and authority. He pieces together a deal with local drug czar John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson) which sets off a chain of events that dramatically shifts the balance of power.

Although the disc will come with a 16×9 widescreen video transfer and a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, the DVD will otherwise apparently be featureless. The DVD will be available on June 12, and comes with a surprisingly high suugested retail price of $32.99

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