Microsoft brings DVD technology to CE

The Microsoft Corporation has as released the latest beta of its Windows CE 3.0 operating system, code-named “Talisker, ” to testers with new support and tools for the DVD format.

Windows CE is a small-scale operating system for battery-conscious mobile devices like cell phones, PDAs, or task-specific appliances like factory-automation equipment, cameras and telephones. It also been gaining support in car dashboard computers, microwaves, and other home appliances.

The inclusion of DVD support in Windows CE 3.0 brings a new level of freedom to developers, not only for its video capabilites, but for the massive amounts of data which can be stored on DVD. Possible applications include; more convenient and affordable in-car navigation systems, business card sized mini-DVDs which can display presentations or advertisements in PDAs, interactive cooking programs that can be run from the oven, and many more applications not yet thought of.

While your cell phone is still probably not the best place to watch your favorite films, the inclusion of DVD technology into mobile and wireless technologies may help improve the communication industry.

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