Little Nicky

Little Nicky

Submitted by Seth Callaway and Kenneth Guajardo

New Line Home Video has included an exciting hidden feature on their release of the Adam Sandler comedy “Little Nicky.”

From the disc’s main menu go to the “Special Features” where you will be presented with three different paths. Chose the one called “Central Park” in the middle, which will take you to a list of features. The screen also features Nicky sitting on a park bench. Keep hitting the “Left” arrow key on your remote control until Nicky is highlighted by a halo and then press the “Enter” key. You will now be treated to a full trailer for the upcoming fantasy epic “Lord Of The Rings.”

There is another hidden feature on this disc, that is actually bigger and more extensive than any Easter Egg before. “Little Nicky” is a full-fledged “infinifilm” release from New Line, although the infinifilm features are locked away on the disc. In order to access them, highlight the halo on top of Adam Sandler’s head once again after watching the hidden “Lord Of The Rings” trailer. Then, press the “left,” ,“down” and “right” arrow keys on your remote control consecutively and the film will start. You may also have to hit “Enter”, depending on your player. The film will now play with the infinifilm features activated, showing a blue banner at the bottom of the screen, whenever there are additional features on the disc that refer to the scene you are currently watching.

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