General Motors turns to DVD advertising

In an effort to expand the market for its Cadillac line, the General Motors Corporation has announced an aggressive and diverse new advertising for its new sport utility vehicle. Many innovative techniques will be put into place including a DVD-ROM game being sent to prospective buyers starting in May.

According to General Motors, the goal of the campaign is to freshen up Cadillac’s image, claiming the line’s status has suffered through years of poor products and changing tastes. After deciding to phase out the 103 year old Oldsmobile line, GM has committed to the less conventional advertising methods to bring back a younger market and rebuild status for the line with the new Escalade SUV.

Although details of the DVD-ROM are not fully available, the game is described as essentially a test drive. Game players can compete for prizes, including a new Escalade, a MasterCraft boat, or an Indian motorcycle.

Whether or not the new advertising campaign works for General Motors, it opens the door for other advertisers. With the versatility of DVD, more businesses may start turning to the format as disc production becomes more and more available.

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