Dumbo joins Disney’s Gold Collection

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has finally updated their release schedule, and it looks like Dumbo the elephant will fly again in October under the banner of Disney’s “Gold Collection”.

Originally released in 1941, “Dumbo” was Disney’s fourth animated feature, following the classic films “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”, and “Fantasia” – hard acts to follow. Dumbo’s tale begins when Mrs. Jumbo, a circus elephant wished for a child of her own. Her wish is granted, but her heartache is not over. Her baby Dumbo has enormous ears, even for an elephant. The continuous taunting and teasing of little Dumbo crushes Mrs. Jumbo, and when she defends him from some merciless boys, she is locked away as a mad animal. Dumbo soon discovers however, that his ears are not a burden at all, but a gift. With the help of newfound friend Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo learns he can use his ears to fly. Soon he is the star of the circus, but he won’t be truly happy until he is reunited with his mother.

Many of you may remember the controversy surrounding “Dumbo” when along with “Alice in Wonderland” it was announced for the controversial DiVX format. Since then, Dumbo has been absent from Disney’s Home Video Library. Thankfully, Disney has decided to add it to their successful “Gold Collection” on DVD. Sadly, “Oliver & Co.” and “So Dear to my Heart” still have not received release dates, and “Hunchback of Nortre Dame” remains missing after being removed from Disney’s schedule some months back, but “Dumbo” will now arrive.

Although it is still too soon for any specific details, you can be sure we’ll post them as soon as we get them. “Dumbo” will be available to own on October 23rd.

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