Disney adds a new bonus to Groove

In an effort to raise interest in its upcoming animated feature Atlantis, Buena Vista Home Entertainment will be including a new bonus disc with the upcoming DVD release of The Emperor’s New Groove.

The new disc, entitled “Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Search for the Journal”, will be a prequel game for the upcoming movie. The game will introduce the film’s characters and tell its back-story dating back to thirteen years before the film’s story begins. The central plot of the game involves a search through Iceland for an ancient journal, which contains the secrets to Atlantis. Players unlock the secrets of an ancient Viking labyrinth to battle keepers and capture the journal. A sequel to the game will also be made available for retail in June.

The disc will apparently be PC-compatible only, but will feature 3D animation, and first-person, single and multi-player modes. Sadly, the disc will be a standard CD-ROM instead of a DVD-ROM reducing the capabilities of the disc. Unfortunate since the disc will contain original animation sequences created exclusively for the game.

“Search for the Journal” marks a new level of interactivity, giving consumers a peek into the world of the upcoming film. Arriving May 1st with “The Emperor’s New Groove”, the game will also be available though other venues beginning in April.

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