ADV announces the long awaited Robotech the Macross Saga

Since the launch of the DVD format in 1997, anime fans have been asking for the successful Robotech franchise to be made available in the U.S. ADV Films and Harmony Gold have now responded to those requests by announcing the release of Robotech the Macross Saga. The two premiere volumes of this collection, “First Contact” and “Transformation” will be available in June and will contain six episodes each.

“First Contact”, the first volume begins when a mysterious battleship crashes onto Macross Island in the South Pacific and the future of mankind is changed forever. Realizing that there are hostile forces in the universe, the people of Earth race to rebuild the SDF-1 as their first line of defense against a possible alien attack. But even as they struggle to master the science of Robotechnology, the vengeful Zentraedi armada is approaching the Earth! In the second volume, “Transformation”, the danger continues to mount for the survivors of Macross City and the crew of the SDF 1 as the ship’s arrival on Mars sets up a new turn of deadly events. Under constant attack by the giant Zentraedi, hounded at every turn and desperately short of resources, the humans wage a desperate battle for survival. But in the shadow of war, the power of love takes on an unexpected significance, for it is the strength of the human heart that may turn the tide of the battle!

In addition to being released as separate volumes, the discs will also be made available in a box set entitled Macross Saga 1: The Robotech Legacy. The box set will include an additional supplemental disc. The bonus disc will contain the English version of the 75 minute Codename: Robotech which will include an audio commentary track by Carl Macek (Story Editor for Robotech). Additional features on the third disc include production sketches, and an international clip featuring French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese audio tracks.

Streeting on June 16th, the two volumes of “Robotech the Macross Saga” will be priced at $14.98 apiece. The “Macross Saga 1” box set will have a $44.98 price tag.

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