Universal brings us a Two Family House

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced plans to release the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award Winner Two Family House later this spring.

Critically-acclaimed for its originality and humor, “Two Family House” tells the touching story of an Buddy Visalo, average joe whose plans of fulfilling a lifetime dream take an unexpected turn when he encounters an indomitable yet vulnerable tenant. When Buddy purchases a dilapidated old house, he hopes to turn the building into a downstairs bar tavern where he can perform while he and his wife live upstairs. However, they soon discover it inhabited by two previous tenants. In spite of his initial intentions to drive the couple out, the kind-hearted Buddy eventually befriends the woman after she gives birth and is abandoned by her husband. Gradually, their friendship turns to love based on their mutual need for support. Buddy must eventually make a choice about his true loves in life.

Although presented in anamorphic widescreen, and with a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix, the DVD will apparently be completely devoid of any extra features. Although independant films do not usually have the resources for extensive behind-the-scenes features, some extras would have been welcome on this disc.

Streeting on May 29th, “Two Family House” comes with a $24.98 pricetag.

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