Oh no! Mr. Bill makes his entrance thanks to Lion’s Gate

If you feel, the DVD market is somehow lacking in Play-Doh animated comedy, fear not. Lion’s Gate Home Entertainment has acquired the rights to the complete library of Mr. Bill for DVD and Internet release.

Originally appearing on Saturday Night Live in 1976 and staying through 1980, Mr. Bill was America’s favorite clay-based comic. His many adventures with his friends Mr. Hand and Sluggo often ended in catastrophe for poor Mr. Bill, but he somehow always showed up next week right as rain.

Although no specific details or dates have been set for the upcoming DVDs, Lion’s gate is expected to begin the rollout this summer. While Most Mr. Bill specials have not been released on DVD, many have never been released in any video form. Anchor Bay will retain the rights for “Mr. Bill Classics” until October and the rights to “Ho Ho Nooo!!! Mr. Bill Christmas Special” until 2003, after which Lion’s Gate plans to eventually release then along with the other Bill specials including “Mr. Bill Moves to Malibu”, “Mr. Bill–2013 A Bill Odyssey” and “Mr. Bill–The Billyad and the Odyssey”.

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