Meet the Parents “milks” the DVD rental industry

Since its release last Tuesday, Universal Home Video’s comedy Meet the Parents has set a new record for opening week rentals. Bringing in $4.36 million over the last week, the Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro vehicle fas surpassed the previous record holder, last years “What Lies Beneath”.
“Meet the Parents” is the story of Greg Focker (pronounced just like it looks). Greg is prepared to ask his girlfriend Pam to marry him until he learns that her family believes in the tradional practice of asking the father’s permission. Hoping to make a good impression on the family, he travels on the most feared of endeavors, a weekend with the parents. Despite the best of intentions, countless misunderstandings snowball into a chaotic nightmare for Focker.

While this news may be viewed by Universal as a chance to jump into the rental pricing arena, it should be noted that “Meet the Parents” also scored the highest returns in retail sales this week.

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