Dungeons & Dragons comes to DVD in May

On May 22, New Line Home Video will unleash the demons from the Empire of Izmer in the fantasy action spectacle Dungeons & Dragons. Based on the Third Edition rules – just kidding – the film brings to life the world and mythical creatures of this fantastic world and takes the viewer on a ride into realms where magic is real and dragons do rule the world.

Based on the widely popular fantasy role-playing game of the same name, Dungeons & Dragons follows a small band of adventurers and thieves who set out to free their Empire from its oppressive rulers.

New Line Home Video has been assembling some interesting bonus materials for this release, but no exact details have been announced at this point. Look for an anamorphic widescreen transfer with 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound, a Commentary Track and a number of cool Featurettes. We will keep you updated however, as more detailed information comes in.

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