DTS reaches milestone of 20,000 theatrical installations worldwide

Leading entertainment technology company DTS has reached a milestone, with installations of its digital sound playback systems on over 20,000 screens worldwide. DTS is widely recognized as the most flexible digital audio technology available today, offering several options for exhibitors – from the DTS-6AD Cinema Processor, which provides superior digital and analog sound playback, to the recently introduced DTS-ECP Expandable Cinema Processor, which offers a world-class solution for theatres on the road to digital sound.

With new distribution agreements in place, DTS Digital Sound will now be featured on 100 percent of films released by all major Hollywood studios. Last year, digital licenses for feature film encoding worldwide increased 38 percent over 1999, while DTS analog licenses for North America experienced 209 percent growth in the same period.

DTS has expanded its analog business by offering filmmakers digital playback with a stereo mix by adding the DTS timecode to their optical sound negative. This enables the film to play digital sound (instead of analog-only) at any time with the addition of a DTS CD-ROM soundtrack – no additional mixing is needed. This is an exclusive feature of DTS-patented technology – no other sound system can offer this advantage. And no other sound system can deliver the same quality digital sound at every performance – DTS’ CD-ROM technology insures the soundtrack is presented without wear or degradation at every single show, no matter how many weeks the film may run.

New film releases for 2001 featuring DTS include the highly-anticipated “Pearl Harbor” and “15 Minutes” as well as “Blow,” “Enemy At The Gates,” “The Mexican,” “Pokemon 3,” and “Moulin Rouge.” DTS is also featured on all five of this year’s Oscar®-nominated films for Best Sound (“Cast Away,” “Gladiator,” “The Perfect Storm,” “U-571,” and “The Patriot”).

“DTS has been adopted by exhibitors and motion picture distributors who understand the extraordinary power and texture that digital surround sound brings to storytelling, and to the total entertainment experience,” said Andrea Nee, Vice President and General Manager of DTS Cinema Group. “In a relatively short period of time, DTS has experienced tremendous growth and is now recognized worldwide as delivering the ultimate entertainment experience.”

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