Cloud Ten Pictures passes Judgement

The Independent distributor Cloud Ten Pictures releases their newest film Judgement on DVD today.

In what may be a confusing twist to some, “Judgement” is the sequel to Cloud Ten’s Apocalypse Trilogy which chronicles the end of the world. The devil has decided to come to Earth, and instead of a battle royal, he decides on a more modern tactic, and takes God to court. Corbin Bernsen plays the reluctant lawyer Mitch who must defend God in this unusual case. Things get hairy however, when rebel forces, led by the legendary Mr. T, decide to take action.

The DVD features a behind-the-scenes documentary including interviews with the cast and crew, trailers for the film’s prequels, and DVD-ROM web links.

Much like the Apocalypse itself, “Judgement” became available on DVD today with little warning. With a suggested retail of $29.95, it’s in stores now.

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