Apocalypse Now Redux gets picked up by Miramax

After months of discussion and rumor, Apocalypse Now Redux, the new extended cut of Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film Apocalypse Now, will see a theatrical release later this year courtesy of Miramax Films.

Originally released in 1979, “Apocalypse Now” told the story of the power hungry Colonel Kurtz during the Vietnam War, and Captain Willard, the man sent to stop him. The new cut will add 53 minutes to the run
time. The extra footage will include the much-discussed “French Plantation” scene, as well as longer cuts of the Playboy scene and further development of Willard’s search.

Although Mirimax obtained the rights for the theatrical release from American Zeotrope, the home video and television rights for “Redux” stay with Paramount. A DVD from Paramount should be on its way not too long after its theatrical release. There is no word however, on whether the original 1979 cut will still be available from Paramount. Look out for “Redux” in theaters and DVD later this year.

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