2001 comes in a new Classic Collector Box Set from Creative Design

Creative Design, the creator’s of several previous Deluxe Series box sets including “The Matrix” and “Enter the Dragon”, has announced the release of several of Warner’s newly acquired Kubrick films, starting with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“2001” is perhaps Kubrick’s most celebrated work. Created in 1968, the futuristic vision of Kubrick and author Arthur C. Clarke has been fairly well realized in the politics and social behavior (if not technological advancement) of today. “2001” begins at the dawn of man, and his first steps into sentience with the discovery of tools and the inevitable discovery of violence. The film progresses to the year 2001, when man has conquered space and created computers capable of conscious thought. The reappearance of the mysterious monolith however, tempts man to distant Jupiter on a mission that only the ship’s computer HAL is fully aware of. As HAL’s behavior becomes increasingly paranoid and erratic, the crew begins to question their mission, and the secrets of the monolith.

Like previous Deluxe box sets from Creative Design, “2001” will include the DVD of the film as well as a CD containing the original soundtrack. Also included are a collectible senitype framed 70mm film cell, and a commemorative booklet containing sixteen pages of stories and photos from the film. Although no information is available on the disc itself, it will most likely be the DVD currently available from Warner Brothers.

Hitting streets on June 12th, the new “2001” box set carries the rather hefty S.R.P of $59.98. While certainly a treat for “2001” fans, many may wait for the promised reissue of the DVD later this year.

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