Warner Home Video is leading the DVD field in sales

According to a report by VideoScan, Warner Home Video was the market leader with 20.31% of all videos sold to consumers last year. Disney videos generated more revenue overall for the year, a result of their significantly higher pricing, but according to research by Video Business Magazine, Warner topped Disney in the combined number of DVD and VHS titles sold.

Warner claimed a 28.42% share of the DVD market, compared to 14.28% for Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment and 16.4% for Universal Studios Home Video, according to VideoScan.

Consumers spent $2.4 billion on the purchase of Warner video titles in 2000, according to Video Business, and another $1.4 billion on rentals. More than $1.2 billion of that overall $3.8 billion was spent on the rental and purchase of Warner DVDs.

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