Universal Home Video releases the shark once again in Jaws 2

We have just received information that Universal Home Video will finally release the sequel to Steven Spielberg’s horror masterpiece “Jaws” on May 22. Jaws 2, once again starring Roy Scheider as Chief Brody and Lorraine Gary as his wife, will make its DVD debut with a number of added materials.

Four years after having to contend with a killer Great White Shark, a series of boating accidents and mysterious incidents convince the chief of Police of Amity Island that another Great White had appeared in the vicinity. Unfortunately he is unable to obtain proof and the island officials refuse to believe the threat exists, while various swimmers and boating enthusiasts carry on regardless.

The DVD will contain the movie in an anamorphic widescreen presentation in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio and also contain mono Dolby Digital audio tracks in English and French. A behind-the-scenes Featurette will also be part of the release, as well as a number of Deleted Scenes. Production Notes and Trailers complete this release that will carry a suggested retail price of $26.98.

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