Terror Firmer

Terror Firmer

Submitted by Paul Freitag and Todd “Pimp One” Loya

On Troma’s 2-disc set of the schlockfest “Terror Firmer” you can find a number of interesting hidden and entertaining features.

On the first disc’s main menu, hit “666” – the number of the Beast – and you will see a screen saying “Censorship sucks!” The DVD will then proceed to play the hilarious R-rated version of the film, which consists of the nothing but the opening credits and the closing scene.

If you insert the second disc of the set in the DVD player and once again hit “666” on the main menu, you will get to see a cool little feature about Lloyd Kaufman’s quest for the guy who ran naked through New York for the sake of “Terror Firmer.” A funny, pointless little treat…

Back to the first disc we go. Go to the DVD’s “Bonus Materials” section and select the “Terror Firmer” logo using your remote control. You will see some color bars, followed by a little surprise.

Finally, another hidden feature can be found in the commentary section. Select “Watch movie with no sound” and you will get to witness Will Keenon singing “Amazing Grace.” Immediately following the world class performance, you will receive a code and a password for a surprise at Troma’s website.

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