Myst is now making its DVD debut

One of the most successful computer games ever created is now making its DVD debut on May 1. The adventure game Myst will be a dedicated NUON game that can be played on standard, NUON-enabled DVD set top players.

Lost in a beautifully strange and isolated world, you find two magical books. Trapped inside each book is a man–a man begging to be set free. As you travel throughout this alien world you find more and more clues as to how to free these men–but you also learn why they were trapped in the first place. Should you set them free, or keep them locked away? Only you can decide. The number one selling PC title of all time. Non-linear gameplay – go anywhere at anytime. Stunning photorealistic graphics. Intuitive and friendly gameplay; unlike other adventure games, there is no inventory to manage and players never die.

“Myst” will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95 when it will hit retail stores on May 1 from DVD International.

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