Image Entertainment announces the international stage hit GumBoots

Image Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq:DISK), today announced a March 20 release date of GumBoots on DVD.
“GumBoots” was recorded for home video during its sensational run in London’s West End. The stage production is currently on tour in North America and is continuing to entice audiences with its infectious rhythms, amazing a cappella singing and athletic dancing. A 52-minute documentary about the history of gumboot dancing and how the 10-member cast was chosen is included on the home video release.

Gumboot dancing began during South Africa’s apartheid regime when workers in flooded gold mines were forbidden to speak. By slapping their Wellington boots and rattling the chains that prevented them from leaving their posts, the miners created a form of Morse code as a way to communicate in the oppressive conditions. This unique language evolved into a dance form that made its way from Johannesburg to the streets and clubs of Soweto. It is a lively encounter with traditional tribal dances and a poignant look at the atrocities that the miners faced each day. The play has become an international phenomenon that is unrivaled in its energy and complexity.

The DVD of “GumBoots” is presented with both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks encoded on the same disc.

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