DTS Entertainment brings DVD Audio to the people in a bus tour!

DTS Entertainment, a record label that specializes in 5.1 music recordings, today announced plans to begin a nationwide bus tour to promote a new series of DVD-Audio releases and DTS 5.1 Music Discs, to a vast audience of consumers and retailers. Specially equipped with a 5.1-channel surround sound audio system provided by consumer favorites Pioneer (DVD player and Plasma screen) and JBL (5.1 speaker system), this DTS Entertainment “tour bus” will visit many music retail stores, to demonstrate “in person” the amazing sonic experience that 5.1 Digital Surround represents to music enthusiasts.

Joining DTS to help spread these music releases to a much wider audience is Valley Entertainment, their full-service marketing, sales and distribution partner. The two companies will work in unison to educate consumers and music retailers about the availability of DTS Entertainment’s 150 piece catalog, and the fact that these discs can be played on millions of 5.1 home theater, car audio and PC sound systems equipped with the DTS surround technology. Artists now featured on DTS 5.1 Music Discs, include The Eagles, Sting, Boyz II Men, Vince Gill, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Santana, George Strait and Sheryl Crow.

The leading supplier of 5.1 music recordings in the world, DTS Entertainment is now one of the first companies to also produce DVD-Audio titles, with the release of Toy Matinee and Studio Voodoo in March 2001. Many of these retail buyers and their customers will be experiencing the new DVD-Audio format for the first time, during this bus tour. And these DVD-Audio discs can also be played on all existing DVD-Video players, with no need to purchase a new player.

“With 5.1 surround music, a demonstration is worth a thousand words,” said David DelGrosso, DTS Vice President of Consumer Marketing. “The motion picture industry has now fully embraced 5.1-channel Digital Surround, and the recent explosion in popularity of the DVD-Video format, is only the beginning of the new profit opportunities facing these retailers. DVD-Audio will soon represent a similar financial upswing for record labels and music retailers. And with a wealth of experience in developing product in 5.1 surround, DTS Entertainment will be a major contributor to this upcoming success story.”

Select retailers in each city and local consumers in attendance, will experience the exceptional 5.1 surround mixes now available on 5.1 Music Discs and DVD-Audio, which are playable on over 6 million DTS-capable home theatre systems currently available in U.S. households and automobiles. The hardware sales forecasts for 2001 predict a dramatic increase in market penetration to over
12 million consumers by year-end.

To meet up with this bus while it’s on the road, please contact Anne McDermott, at 212-974-9400 x11 or Anne@valley-entertainment.com. This month-long tour will end at the NARM Convention (in Orlando, FL) where the bus will be open for demos to attendees of the convention:

Bus Tour Target Cities & Dates:

2/19 – Norristown, PA

2/20 – New York, NY

2/21 – Edison, NJ/Philadelphia, PA

2/22 – Albany NY

2/23 – New York, NY

2/24 – East Lansing, MI

2/25 – Ann Arbor, MI

2/26 – Detroit/Ann Arbor MI

2/27 – Minneapolis MN

3/01 – Seattle WA

3/02 – Portland, OR

3/03 – San Francisco, CA

3/04 – Sacramento, CA

3/05 – San Jose, CA

3/06 – Los Angeles CA

3/07 – Los Angeles CA

3/08 – Phoenix, AR

3/09 – Amarillo TX

3/11 – Orlando FL (NARM)

3/12 – Orlando FL (NARM)

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