Drinking Games comes with one of the most dubious supplements ever

Does it get any more dubious? Obviously to gather more publicity momentum, the DVD release of the independent film Drinking Games contains a special feature that is an actual drinking game.

“Through DVD technology we’ve added Drink-O-Vision, something that goes to the heart of the film and enables viewers to participate real-time in a drinking game,” the independent film label distributing the DVD explains the strange choice of supplement. Directed by Joseph Lawson, the film follows a circle of post-grunge Northwest kids who turn to a drinking game in dealing with a suicide within their group. A spectrum of social issues are raised as the evening progresses, illuminating the humor, attitudes and anxieties of living amid the consumerism of the mid-90’s.

The DVD features a play-as-you-watch drinking game in the DVD’s subtitle box as well as an encyclopedia of classic drinking games. More traditional fare of alternate scenes, interviews and an audio commentary track are also included in the DVD.

However, the publishers state there are limits to Drink-O-Vision, including a cautionary series of menus that viewers must step through before beginning Drink-O-Vision. “Drink-O-Vision does not promote drinking and driving, binge drinking or other stupid behavior. And if you’re underage, you can enjoy the spirit of the game with a soda,” says the publisher cautiously to prevent consumer aggravation. But does it also include the “throw-up stage?”

“Drinking Games” will be available through Ventura Distribution on February 13th at a suggested retail price of $19.98.

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