Submitted by Mike Durler and Shawn Carpenter

Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s release of the spectacular Collector’s Edition of “Dinosaur” contains a number of hidden features.

On the second disc of the set, go to a feature called “The Production Process” where you can see a list of different features to choose from. Press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control here and you will highlight a Dino skeleton head. If you press “Enter” now, you will get to see a 5-minute clip that is an excerpt from the “Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair” feature, which was originally broadcast on May 17th, 1964.

Another Dino head can be highlighted in the “Creating the Characters” section on the second disc. Again, press the “Right” arrow key to highlight the head, and then press “Enter.” You will now see a feature called “Render Bugs”, which is a series of clips during which the computer generated images didn’t turn out exactly the way the artists had hoped.

And yet another Easter Egg can be found in the “Development” section on the second disc. Once again, select the Dino had on the page and you will get to see a 6-minute clip featuring the great Walt Disney himself, talking about the history
of animation with a section about Winsor McCay who created “Gertie the Dinosaur”.

But that’s still not all. In The “Publicity” section of the disc you can also select a Dino skull, which in return treats you to a 12-minute educational cartoon from 1993 called “Recycle Rex.”

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