Samsung ot use C-Cube technology for DVD player

C-Cube Microsystems (Nasdaq: CUBE) today announced that consumer electronics giant, Samsung Electronics, has chosen its ZiVA-5 architecture for Samsung’s first Internet DVD player, the next generation of advanced Internet appliances. Samsung’s Internet DVD player integrates cutting edge DVD playback functionality along with the Planetweb® Internet browser to allow the user to not only view the latest DVD movies, but also surf, e-mail, chat, shop and more – directly on the television. Samsung’s Internet DVD player, using C-Cube’s ZiVA-5 architecture, is the latest collaboration in a series of successful designs between the two companies.

Samsung’s Internet DVD player allows a DVD movie and a browser window to be displayed on-screen simultaneously and also features a v.90 internal modem and a wireless infrared keyboard with an integrated mouse. With this player, consumers can now access embedded DVD Internet content or watch a movie while participating in special features or events on the program’s web site without the use of a PC.

C-Cube has partnered with Planetweb to integrate their customized Internet web browser into C-Cube products. The Planetweb browser, which has been specifically optimized for C-Cube products, will allow the user to quickly navigate the web and interact seamlessly with DVD player functionality. The browser is HTML 3.2+ and Javascript 1.1 compliant and provides a user-friendly interface to browse, e-mail, chat, bank and shop, which are the most commonly used Internet functions. The browser can also be localized for language and character support for various geographic regions making the solution a worldwide platform solution.

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